Seward County Communications Center

Welcome to the Seward County Communications Center. We hope you find our site helpful and user friendly. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us at 402-643-4578 or email Thank you for visiting.

Mission Statement
The purpose of the Seward County Communications Center is to provide assistance to all citizens of Seward County in an efficient and friendly manner.

261 South 8th Street, Seward, Nebraska

About US
Seward County Communications came together February 27, 1997 through joint meetings between the City of Seward and Seward County to combine their dispatching staffs.

Previously, each dispatch center was responsible for their separate jurisdictions.

The City of Seward dispatched for Seward Police, Seward fire and Bee Fire departments, as well as taking calls from citizens regarding their city utilities. The Seward County Sheriff's dispatch center was responsible for the City of Milford, Milford Police and Fire, as well as all other villages and the county's rural citizens.

On February 27, 1997 the Seward County Communications Center began dispatching duties for all of the above entities. Along with dispatching duties for the police, fire and EMS, we are also responsible for the notification of severe weather for Seward, Butler and Saline Counties. Seward County includes eleven fire departments, three law enforcement agencies, city utilities, county roads department and the State department of Roads.

Dispatchers answer a variety of phone calls to include 911 and all non emergency calls for the Seward Police and Seward County Sheriff's department and the Seward County Detention facility. Among some of the phones that are answered in the Communications Center is the Seward County Crime Stoppers phone. I hope that you view the related link to the Crime Stoppers and all other links to our website.

Other duties of the Seward County Communications Center are to enter all warrants from the Seward County courts, all missing persons, stolen vehicles, and other stolen property, and other NCIC (National Crime Information Center) related information.